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How it works
Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into usable energy. Any clean electricity you produce, but don’t use, goes into the utility grid. You meter spins backward and creates a credit for you. When panels are not generating power, electricity comes from the grid. Many solar systems allow you to monitor their performance online allowing you to see each panel’s energy production hourly. These systems generally provide you with a real time visual of your energy production and environmental impact.
Why Solar:
Rebates and Incentives
Both the government and utility companies are now offering generous financial incentives that reduce the cost of going solar by up to 70% whether you choose to own or lease solar your solar power. Government incentives increased in the last few years, which created a boom in solar as homeowners and property management companies have rushed to take advantage of the high value rebates.
Property Value Increase
Unlike most property improvements, which depreciate in value with age, solar panels have consistently increased property values over time as electricity prices increase.

Electricity Prices Rising Rapidly
Energy prices are increasing as resources become scarcer and environmental costs become more apparent. Once we install your solar panels, you no longer have to worry about rising electricity prices for the portion of your electricity that comes from solar.
Environmental Impact
It has been said, converting to solar energy is the biggest change you can make to fight global warming. Utility companies supply over 70% of electricity in the U.S. by burning fossil fuels— considered to be the leading cause of climate change. Generating electric power causes over a third of all green house gas emissions in the United States (source: Environmental Protection Agency). Reducing the electricity we draw from the grid means reducing carbon emissions. That means cleaner air, water and soil for your family, community, and generations to come. Consider that solar panels have a life of at least 30 years (many from the 1950’s are still in operation, actually), so once you install your solar panels, the environmental benefits last for decades. Going solar also reduces our reliance on overseas oil and gas and increases our energy independence as a country. As our own domestic sources of oil and gas dwindle over the coming years, it’s increasingly important to find alternative energy sources so that we can reduce our reliance on foreign fuel sources.

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