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A Deep Energy Retrofit is a whole-building analysis and construction process that uses integrative design to achieve much larger energy savings than conventional energy retrofits. Deep energy retrofits can be applied to both residential and commercial buildings. A deep energy retrofit typically results in savings of 30 percent or more and in most cases significantly improves the building’s value. Conventional energy retrofits focus on isolated system upgrades (i.e. lighting and HVAC equipment). These retrofits are generally simple and fast, but they often miss opportunity for saving more energy cost-effectively.

A Deep Energy Retrofit or as some refer to it as a “Deep Green Retrofit” may have less focus on energy efficiency and may emphasize obtaining certification from a green building rating system, such as LEED.

Deep energy retrofits achieve much greater energy efficiency by taking a whole-building approach, addressing many systems at once such as energy efficient equipment, air sealing, moisture management, controlled ventilation, insulation, and solar control so that dramatic energy savings are achieved alongside optimal building performance.

There have been a number of studies done to determine and quantify the benefits afforded to owners, tenants, and various other stakeholders from the successful completion of deep energy retrofits.

Common owner related benefits include...........

  • reduced costs through energy savings
  • higher rent premiums
  • increased occupancy rates
  • marketing and public relations value
  • improved community stature

Common benefits to tenants include...........

  • increased productivity
  • higher retail sales
  • reduced employee sick days
  • enhanced ability to attract and retain employees
  • improved community stature
  • reduced churn
  • higher student test scores

Notable Case Studies

The Byron Rogers Federal Building
The Byron Rogers office building is an historic high-rise office building located in Denver. Projected to be completed in 2013 with LEED platinum status. Upon completion, the 494,000-square-foot (45,900 m2) building will have reduced it’s energy usage by over 60%

The Indianapolis City-County Building
The City-County Building recently underwent a deep energy retrofit process that is projected to be completed in September 2011. Upon completion, the project team, consisting of representatives from the Indianapolis Marion County Building Authority, Indianapolis Office of Sustainability, Rocky Mountain Institute, and Performance Services will have achieved an annual energy reduction of 46% and $750,000 annual energy savings.

Case studies complements of Contact our Deep Energy Retrofit Specialists and LEED Certified Professionals today to see how a Deep Energy Retrofit will benefit your organization.

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